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Brunel University welcomes you to IVIS 2021.

Recently concluded COP26, previously COP25 and other international forums have catapulted efficiency of energy generation and use and concomitant change of climate to the top of governmental and public agenda globally. Fit for purpose thermal insulation materials and systems could unlock the opportunity for rendering the earth as a sustainable abode for humans. Read more

Since its inception in 1998 in Milano (Italy), IVIS has emerged as the most important event in the calendar of insulation community, especially those whose work is related with high performing vacuum based thermal insulation systems. It has been attracting attendees, speakers and exhibitors from varied backgrounds- academic researchers and scientists, vacuum insulation manufacturers and end-users (cold chain equipment and buildings).

IVIS2021 is the 15th edition of the IVIS series.

In 2022, we intend to deliver the most impactful IVIS ever sharing cutting edge research outcomes, manufacturing innovations and demonstrating case studies reporting deployment of vacuum insulation, superinsulation and other advanced thermal insulation systems. It will be a must-not-miss opportunity to learn, network and influence the future of thermal insulation and I am delighted to offer you the chance to be a part of it.

The symposium will feature a high quality, content-led programme with top end speakers attracting delegates from all walks of the society. Over the two days there will be a series of sessions themed to the major scientific, market and policy challenges and opportunities facing the thermal insulation, vacuum and superinsulation. IVIS2021 will focus on broadening the horizons by organising a focussed vacuum insulation industry led session during the event.

I would like to welcome all stakeholders to attend IVIS2021 in Brunel University London for which the delegate bookings have already begun.

Dr Harjit Singh
Chair- IVIS2021
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