Scope of IVIS 2021

IVIS 2021 encourages participation of researchers, suppliers and end-users of super insulation, Vacuum Insulation Panels (VIPs) and other insulation materials and systems. Interested participants can submit extended abstracts relating to the following topics:

    1. Material and insulation system characterization (microstructure, thermal characteristics, internal pressure, air permeability, gas diffusion, ad/desorption)

    2. Heat, air & moisture transfer (from material to building, industrial product and process scale)

    3. Ageing (theory and practical aspects)

    4. Envelope (material, barrier performance, thermal bridging)

    5. Core materials and additives (porous silica, fibres, foams, aerogel, perlites, opacifiers, getters, desiccants)

    6. Life cycle assessment

    7. Applications: buildings, cold chain equipment, cryogenics, transportation (cars, trains, shipping, reefer trucks), medical devices, low temperature storage (food, vaccine), high temperature storage (solar power plants, domestic and industrial storage)

    8. Assessment of performance & standardisation

    9. Smart materials for insulation systems

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